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The B.E.S.T. division was established to focus on sharing our eco-friendly battery and power expertise with The Villages, Florida community, and more personal applications for superior energy storage… such as electric golf carts and home/business solar/wind battery backup storage. 

By tracking and sifting-out the best available products, and providing open and honest alternatives to our customers, we are extending our solutions expertise to our Villager families and friends.

At present, that means removing the lead-acid batteries, with their messy and volatile sulfuric acid corrosion, stains, watering requirements, short life, and short driving distance.  We then clean-up the cart and install the latest MAINTENANCE-FREE, super safe, reliable LiFePO4 solutions… along with the high-tech features and fun bells and whistles that you now expect with new golf carts. 

Call us to check-out your cart free of charge, and we will provide you with the various options available for your review and consideration.

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At Bianchi Energy Storage Technologies we take pride in being a family-owned business.  We are family-driven, and enjoy sharing our love for golf, new technology, and family fun with the world.  Our team works tirelessly to bring the B.E.S.T. products and services to our Villager family.  

Robert Bianchi


Jacob Bianchi

Battery Power Specialist

Linda Bianchi